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What We Do

The Blue Planet.  Covered in gorgeous clear blue wonderful Water.  Strangely enough, we know very little about this amazing substance. After all we are basically living breathing conscious bubbles of water!  Orgon's Mission is to research this amazing substance,


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Bubbles and Water

Endless available happy bubbles everywhere.  And guess what?  We basically know nothing about the amazing function of these bubbles.  What if we tell you that all Life has originated because of bubbles? What if we tell you the future clean green energy solutions for Mankind will be built on bubbles?  What if we tell you we can potentially clean up atomic radiation disasters with bubbles. What if we tell you we can make Gold with bubbles.


We hope we've now got your attention.


Well, not quite! This is a flame made of a gas produced from electrolyzing water, Brown's gas as many call it. The flame temperature is 130 degrees celsius, you can pass your hand through it, and yet, it can immediately melt Tungsten at 3422 degrees celsius !  We think we know how.


Fukushima, the world's most dangerous radiation disaster, and it continues.  Pumping 300 tonnes of radiated water into the oceans each day ! We believe we can help fix this.


We believe our research will lead to endless clean green energy availability for our beautiful Planet and our People.


We are made of water and electricity.  Brown's gas is a remarkable combination of hydrogen, oxygen and electrified water.  Many cures of arthritic, rheumatic and other painful conditions have been reported using Brown's gas. Also, hard evidence of phenomenal plant health benefits abound.


Fluffy white clouds floating in the sky.  We've seen them a thousand times and we'll see them a thousand times again. An average Cumulus cloud weighs more than 100 elephants!  How come it's floating in the sky?  We're working on it.

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Thanks for your interest in our research. Get in touch with us for any questions or comments regarding our work and publications. We’d love to hear from you.




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